The New Bates Webster Gallery: October 2015

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“I made that in 2008, I think that’s right!  It is watercolor.  The girls got watercolor sets in their stockings for Christmas so we all sat in the kitchen painting for days.  My critters in the painting remind me of all different types of people.  I use critters because animals are generally pleasant to be around. “


Before I hand this space over to the artist, I will add a few of the many wonderful photographs of her life with which she has trusted me. You will find a scattering of these in all the Bates Webster Gallery posts to come:

Hay Wagon

AliceBatesy 2Maters and Taters

Livestock Auction

The New Bates Webster Gallery: October 13 2015 

I have always been fascinated with light and shadows. When I was younger I remember playing tennis at night. I was scolded for paying more attention to the multiple shadows of my “arm swan” than to hitting the ball.

When I make a piece like this lizard table I am more impressed with the shadows than the actual piece. What I see in my work is often different than what others see and enjoy. The name is not important to me unless I begin a piece for a specific reason.



This is simply called Lizard Table.







This piece does have a name. “It’s All Chicken” was made for a dear friend and her son. There is a long story behind the name, and that is for the three of us to know. For me, the simple lines and curves represent how we want life be–a smooth road. We all know that life is filled with bumps and snags. This is made from carbon steel and is over five feet tall.



This is titled “Swan Lake”; it was a commissioned bicycle rack for the city of Louisville. The sculpture stands in front of the Louisville Ballet. If you are familiar with ballet, it is self- explanatory.






This Star Lamp is one of my favorites. It’s made from carbon steel and yellow rice paper. I wish that I had started making lamps like this when my children were younger.





I don’t always make realistic sculptures, but when I do I enjoy the challenge. This Horse was commissioned several years ago. The detail was painted on using a variety of patinas. I was excited to watch the patinas make the horse come to life.


Never underestimate the element of surprise.








Recently I have started incorporating color in my work, a variation on an old theme. This creature is made of carbon steel, 20” h x 22.5”w x 5”d. What is it? I don’t know that is up to you to determine. Price: $45.00





2012-05-29 17.56.44


I am usually distracted by small things while doing routine chores on the farm. Any early morning, or in the evening on my way back to the house, I might see dogs playing on the hay bales, small bugs climbing, or dew drops.

2013-08-06 18.09.52


2013-06-12 08.10.54Everything I encounter daily is part of my work. In my world, the small things take me to a real and beautiful place.





Welcome to the Bates Webster Gallery.

Come in; look around; enjoy; take home a piece of art.


Already at my house in Norfolk, Virginia:IMG_0976









Bates can be contacted at:

P.O.Box 162, Sulphur, KY 40070



And while you’re shopping–for yourself or friends and family–consider a copy of Looking for Lydia; Looking for God, the story of a journey into beauty of a different kind.



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