No Book Reviews, Portraits, Elections or Inaugurations; No Birthday Parties; No Holidays; No Weddings or Funerals; No Bursts of Deeply Felt Emotions

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I woke up this morning without a single idea about what to write for this week’s blog.   What can I write when I have nothing to write? Monday 23 January 2017 Early in my teaching career, I wrote a course I called “The Hebrew Bible as Literature.” I taught that course until the day […]

Portrait + + Grace Harwood “I am a voice”

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The painting featured at the top of this blog is 36″ x 48″, acrylic on white duck canvas. It is the second in the collection of  three paintings that Grace Harwood calls “The Hiroshima Series.” The image arrived last week in an email in which Grace explained,  “I’m attaching the Hiroshima painting that I would rather you […]

Always a Beginner: Writing and Life and Death

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When I lived in Michigan, I had four llamas.  One of them, a beautiful young gold and white one-year-old, died, and I watched one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.  For a full day, the remaining three llamas walked, in a tight group, around and around their fenced acre, humming for their lost […]

Book Review~~Kathleen Varn, Unveiled

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Kat Varn on a Halloween Dive Kat Varn, Author Photo Kat Varn, Teaching Belly Dancing in Jamaica                  Kat Varn, Kelly, and A Friend Performing   What do you call a book like this? Kat Varn calls it a novel. Kat Varn admits it is her story–the story […]

A Review of Looking for Lydia; Looking for God~Guest Reviewer

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stevewiegenstein ~ News, announcements, events, and ruminations about my novel series, including Slant of Light and This Old World, and about creativity, fiction, Missouri, the Ozarks, and anything else that strikes my fancy Looking for Lydia, Looking for God 26 Saturday Dec 2015 Tags Aging, Bible, books, Civil War, Dean Robertson, history, Lydia Roper, Norfolk, reviews, […]