Choosing the Perfect Pair of Boots: Not for the Faint of Heart

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In July of 2015 a favorite pair of short, sassy, pale green leather waterproof  boots finally collapsed after years of good use. The shoe repair shop down the street told me they couldn’t be fixed. Because of problems with my spine, I am very limited in the brands of shoes I can wear. In fact, I can wear Merrells clogs.  If I choose very carefully, I can wear some Asics for walking. I had to give up Teva sandals many years ago, although oddly, my deceased waterproofs were Tevas.

By the end of the month, I was on a hunt for new leather waterproof boots.  As of April 2018, I have purchased and returned:


pairs of waterproof leather boots to Zappos.

I have bought all my shoes online from Zappos for over a decade and I never returned any. I know what I can wear and order accordingly.  To date, I have returned boots made by:

John Deeres (yes, the tractor people) 

Although I will spare you the details, I have tried and returned at least two styles of each of these brands, and this doesn’t include the boots I returned to:

Eddie Bauer
LL Bean

 The only reason I haven’t returned a couple of pairs of Frye boots is that I couldn’t afford to buy them in the first place.

I hardly know what to say. Scrolling through my Zappos account today, it is a great mystery to me why they continue to sell me shoes, especially in light of their free returns policy.  They have to be losing money.  Perhaps they keep up their spirits by listening to their recorded “Joke of the Day,” which is one of the more delightful aspects of being put on hold at Zappos. Zappos has recently been “acquired” by Amazon, and I really hope they won’t shut down the Joke of the Day. Amazon has terrific customer service but I am not confident about their sense of humor.  These are the most wonderful and corniest jokes ever (think 8th grade) and I recommend a call to Zappos just to hear  one.


Two weeks ago I found a pair of boots I just couldn’t resist trying, all sanity telling me not to even think about it.  These boots, whose color is described as “redwood,” are in fact PINK.  They arrived; they fit; my spine says ‘yes.’  At last. Then in some strange twist of fate, having spent the better part of three years not finding one single pair of waterproof boots that would work, I saw a second pair I liked and, due entirely to the insane thought, “They probably won’t work anyway,” I ordered them. They arrived; they fit; etc.

So here I sit, two pairs of perfect boots in my house, soliciting votes from my friends.  Here are the boots, both TEVAS.




I suppose I should mention the bedroom slippers.











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6 Responses to "Choosing the Perfect Pair of Boots: Not for the Faint of Heart"
  1. Mary Clark says:

    I would keep one pair as backup, and wear the other. Finding shoes that fit are difficult. Why risk going through this process in the future?

  2. Colleen says:

    Both, of course. I could not possibly choose between the cute pink ones and the classy brown ones. But if a knife were held to my throat, I would have to choose the brown ones, simply because cover more area to be protected from water.

  3. Audra Jean Decker says:

    It has taken 3 years to find 2 pair that work for you. I suggest keeping them both. If you don’t, please write about the next search.

  4. MJ Kindred says:

    I vote “pink” though I certainly see the wisdom of keeping both if your budget allows. As a spendaholic that has been my MO for way too long. (I am currently on a path of recovery from both that and sugar.)
    I suppose you will keep the brown ones though. 👞👠👡👢😉

  5. Brooke Barnes says:

    I am definitely in the “keep both” camp. What if you’re in search of a new pair in 5 years, and Zappos’s has rescinded their free return policy? You can’t take that chance!

  6. Ellen Bunton says:

    What if Zappos rescinds it’s free return policy BECAUSE of Dean R.!!!

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