“On Violence,” A Guest Blog by Steve Wiegenstein

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         In Alfred Hitchcock’s “Torn Curtain,” a spy thriller from 1966, Paul Newman and Julie Andrews play a physicist and his assistant/fiancée who are sent to obtain secrets from an East German scientist. It’s not a great movie. The holes in the plot are enormous, and Hitchcock’s penchant for casting movie idols […]

Christopher Antony Meade on Forgiveness

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  Christopher Antony Meade is one of those shady “friends” who seem to rise to the surface in one way or another on Facebook.  In Christopher’s case, I believe I first saw his name, and the title of his novella, on an authors’ forum for the publisher we share.  As I’ve said in other venues, The […]

A Snowflake from the Blizzard: Why Read?

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FIVE THINGS THAT MAKE BOOKS UNIQUE   Today I am welcoming to The Sunday Blog a very special guest blogger: my friend and colleague, Darrell Laurant, who describes himself this way on his own blog, Snowflakes in a Blizzard:  “I am a 40-year veteran of journalism who retired two years ago to do freelancing full […]

Sydney Scrogham’s Dreams: Introducing a Special Guest Blogger

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  A Young Adult Fantasy Novelist on Writing from the Heart The Dark Alicorn is a character in Sydney’s new fantasy novel for young adults, Chase, just released by Koehler Books.     “My 12 year old version of a Dark Alicorn”    “When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class.  […]

Be a Guest Blogger onThe New Sunday Blog: Coming August 15

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Good morning, supporters of Looking for Lydia and this website and blog. Effective this coming Sunday, August 15th, I will be posting weekly on a variety of subjects relevant to both writers and readers.  I hope you will plan to start your week at pdrobertson.com to see what’s going on. Please share the website and […]

Cousins: Meet Jane Gentry, My Second Guest Blogger

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Two Cousins for All Seasons Dean: In the Acknowledgements at the end of Looking for Lydia; Looking for God, I have written this about my cousin, Jane Gentry, of Mansfield, Texas: “My first cousin, Jane Riley Gentry, has been everything but co-author.  Without her close reading and courageous criticisms it could not have been written.” […]

Perseverance: Meet Mark Slauter, My First Guest Blogger

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Meet Mark Slauter. Mark is a Certified Floodplain Manager with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.  During nearly three decades of professional life, he has been involved with a variety of environmental, land use, emergency management, floodplain management, and legislative projects and programs. Recently, he decided to use a personal story to combine his experience […]