Looking for Lydia; Finding Life

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                 I’ll introduce my friend and guest blogger, Molly Roper Jenkins, with a couple of stories–especially appropriate since we met because I could not find any stories about Lydia Roper.   First, I think “phone enquiry” is a rather refined description of the circumstances of our first contact. […]

My Authors; Myself. Influences on “Looking for Lydia”

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I am republishing this as a partial answer to a question my friend, Mitzy, asked in her comment on my most recent blog,  “No Book Reviews, Portraits, Elections, Inaugurations . . .” She wonders what I taught.  The books mentioned here, first published in July of 2015, are a few I either taught or loved enough […]

Portraits ++ The Baptist. An Unlikely Man

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“The preacher told me that, ‘Looking for Lydia is like looking for God, and you’re doing both. We are all looking for Lydia. We are all looking for that something we may or may not find, but the search for which defines our lives. In the course of that search we find frustration, disappointment, loss, […]

Authors Meeting Authors:The Williamsburg Book Festival

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                       It is late on Wednesday. There are two days between me and the Williamsburg Book Festival. This is my first book festival, although Looking for Lydia; Looking for God was released in July of 2015. For the first few months, I surprised everyone by […]

Writing My First Book at Age Sixty-Nine: My Turn as a Guest

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This post was published originally on judgingmorethanjustthecover Writing my First Book at Age Sixty-Nine This is a guest post by Dean Robertson. I wish I could say, as I know many authors can, that I started writing as a child, that I wrote little stories which I read to my parents and my best friend. […]

Sneak Preview: “Looking for Lydia; Looking for God” / Prologue

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Prologue “IT IS A WEDNESDAY morning in April of 2014, and I am looking out my windows, old casements in a 1928 building in an urban neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia, waiting for a door- to-door car service provided by the area’s public bus company. If I’m paying attention and see her coming, my driver will […]

A Review of Looking for Lydia; Looking for God~Guest Reviewer

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stevewiegenstein ~ News, announcements, events, and ruminations about my novel series, including Slant of Light and This Old World, and about creativity, fiction, Missouri, the Ozarks, and anything else that strikes my fancy Looking for Lydia, Looking for God 26 Saturday Dec 2015 Tags Aging, Bible, books, Civil War, Dean Robertson, history, Lydia Roper, Norfolk, reviews, […]