“Are You Margaret Sullavan’s Brother?”

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Classic Movie Review by Ellen Bunton (and her eager assistant, Meatball)                                       A Regular Monthly Feature The Classic Movie Review   The first Wednesday of the month. For all you keepers of calendars, that means you can […]

Guest Blogger #3: Movies, Reality, and Going to the Bathroom

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Greetings from the Sunday Blog.  I would like to introduce a dear friend, Ellen Bunton, who knows more about classic movies than anyone I’ve ever met,  and is Mother to an exceptional cat, Jacob (who does, by the way, go to the bathroom).  Jacob is not in the movies; I just wanted to use this […]

Day Three: More Work and an Epiphany

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      Day Three: Very Early Morning (3:52 AM) Working since 3:00: I have begun the process of renaming the images in my image folder and adding the page on which they appear.  I got them caught up to where we stopped yesterday on page 100, so doing them now as we go along […]