Joseph Raffael “Moving Toward the Light” Reflections

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(Moving Toward the Light II watercolor on paper, 87 1/2″ x 49″ 2015)   The description of Moving Toward the Light on Joseph Raffael’s website reads in part: “A major new book on the artist covering the past 17 years of his life and work in the South of France. Reproducing 88 works in rich […]

Richard Rossi Is Making a Movie. “Canaan Land”: A Preview

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Richard Rossi is making a movie. Richard Rossi is an evangelical preacher and faith healer. Richard Rossi is making a movie about evangelical preaching and faith healing as a con. Richard Rossi believes in faith healing and is a fine preacher. Richard Rossi is a stand-up comic and one of his routines is a parody […]

Book Review~~Darrell Laurant’s Lynchburg, Virginia

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      Before Darrell Laurant wrote this jewel of a history, Inspiration Street: Two City Blocks That Helped Change America,  he wrote a novel called The Kudzu Kid.   How could a Georgia girl resist a title that included the word “kudzu”?   My intention in writing this review of Inspiration Street was to begin with […]

Book Review~~Lisa M. Wayman, Longing for Home

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Lisa M. Wayman’s book, Longing for Home, is about–well–longing for home.  It is a topic fraught with possibilities, a title the very sound of which can cause a catch in the breath, a quick flash of memory, a kind of sorrow.  Is it the longing to which we all so immediately relate?  Is it home, […]

Book Review~~”Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders” And Wait for the Subtitle!

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Delilah Jean Williams, of Seattle, Washington, has written a book whose full title is Scorched Earth, Alien Wonders: Can Earth Be Saved By This Unlikely Group of Aliens, Animals and Humans? The book’s front cover elaborates: “A humorous eco-adventure about betrayal, hope and enlightenment”   You see here that I am perfectly serious. Delilah Jean […]

Book Review~~Poisonwood Bible: Recording the Audiobook

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The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver (Author) Dean Robertson (Reader) In 1998 I was living in western Michigan.  I had five llamas, who lived in my back yard and, in the afternoons, they ate carefully chopped carrots, potatoes, yams, sometimes celery or broccoli or asparagus. Once, to their confusion, a banana. They were fenced up to […]