Charlotte Bowyer Writer “His Frozen Fingertips”

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 Arnoia, Spain, where the author edited her novel. On her website–—Charlotte Bowyer quotes Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda, ‘And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, Cannot be killed or swept aside.’ Miranda read his sonnet, from which these lines are taken, as he accepted the first of […]

Joseph Raffael “Moving Toward the Light” Reflections

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(Moving Toward the Light II watercolor on paper, 87 1/2″ x 49″ 2015)   The description of Moving Toward the Light on Joseph Raffael’s website reads in part: “A major new book on the artist covering the past 17 years of his life and work in the South of France. Reproducing 88 works in rich […]

Richard Rossi Is Making a Movie. “Canaan Land”: A Preview

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Richard Rossi is making a movie. Richard Rossi is an evangelical preacher and faith healer. Richard Rossi is making a movie about evangelical preaching and faith healing as a con. Richard Rossi believes in faith healing and is a fine preacher. Richard Rossi is a stand-up comic and one of his routines is a parody […]

Book Review~~Darrell Laurant’s Lynchburg, Virginia

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      Before Darrell Laurant wrote this jewel of a history, Inspiration Street: Two City Blocks That Helped Change America,  he wrote a novel called The Kudzu Kid.   How could a Georgia girl resist a title that included the word “kudzu”?   My intention in writing this review of Inspiration Street was to begin with […]