Thanksgiving 2017. Gingko trees, a small boy, a dog, another year.

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On November 25 2016, one year ago, I published a blog that began with a line from W.S. Merwin’s poem, “Thanks.” The blog was about Thanksgiving, two cousins, a few gingko trees, family. It was two goodbyes, one, to my cousin, Edie, who had just died that September, and another to my daughter-in-law’s father, also […]

Looking for Lydia; Finding Life

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                 I’ll introduce my friend and guest blogger, Molly Roper Jenkins, with a couple of stories–especially appropriate since we met because I could not find any stories about Lydia Roper.   First, I think “phone enquiry” is a rather refined description of the circumstances of our first contact. […]

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

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Having completed two novels, an accomplishment so amazing to me that I still don’t quite understand how it happened, I must have gotten cocky. For decades, my cousins and I have repeated our mantra, “Someone should really write a novel about this family!”  That eventually became an exhortation aimed directly at me, “You really should write […]

“We still won’t do jack shit. That’s us” Jon Stewart 2015

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“477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress.” BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD OCT. 2, 2017 “June 12 2016 A gunman opens fire in an Orlando nightclub, leaving 49 dead and many wounded. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history – until Sunday.”  This lead editorial in The New York Times consists […]

Writing: Old Weezie

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  “They say Old Weezie’s been reading palms out of her run-down shack for a hundred years or more and, although I have to question the accuracy of that hundred years, still Old Weezie sure looks older than dirt, which was one of my grandmother’s favorite sayings.” And that was as far as I got […]

Writing: Playing Scales; Practice, Practice, Practice

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    Two novels completed. Not one viable idea for a next book. I find I can’t simply take a break. I am now no longer capable of not writing.  And so, the question arises. What in-between writing can I find this time to keep my hand in, to keep my brain fresh, to operate […]

Writing: What Kind of Cook Are You?

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      From Amazon’s Patricia Allison Page: The first novel co-authored by Alison Daniels and Dean Robertson writing as Patricia Allison The second novel, by Alison Daniels, writing as Patricia Allison The third novel, by Dean Robertson writing as Patricia Allison The fourth novel by Alison Daniels writing as Patricia Allison Coming in 2018 […]

Handing Over the Reins: Entering The Strange World of Fiction Writing

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A Catalogue of Books by Patricia Allison. Memory Is The Seamstress. By Dean Robertson and Alison Daniels, writing as Patricia Allison. Available on Amazon.     Fortune’s End. By Alison Daniels, writing as Patricia Allison. Available on Amazon.     Jessie:The Adventures and Insights of a Nineteenth-Century Woman. By Dean Robertson, writing as Patricia Allison. Available soon […]