Richard Rossi Is Making a Movie. “Canaan Land”: A Preview

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Richard Rossi is making a movie. Richard Rossi is an evangelical preacher and faith healer. Richard Rossi is making a movie about evangelical preaching and faith healing as a con. Richard Rossi believes in faith healing and is a fine preacher. Richard Rossi is a stand-up comic and one of his routines is a parody […]

A Governor; A Preacher; A Serpent; The Bible; The Supreme Court

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  Oh Good Grief!  The Serpent didn’t seduce Eve and Eve didn’t seduce Adam. And that’s for starters. If you’re going to wave that Bible in our faces, at least make some effort to read the thing. We all learned that seduction story in Sunday School.  Now that we’re grown-ups, let’s just take The Big […]

John’s Jesus #1, “In the beginning was the Word”

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    In March, I talked about a particular passion of mine—The Many Faces of God in the Hebrew Bible. This time around, I’m going to explore what I am discovering are the many faces of Jesus in the New Testament, and then focus on the fascinating and enigmatic Jesus of John’s Gospel. John’s Jesus […]