Mr. Faulkner and the Rest of Us: Bat-Shit Crazy

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This image was taken from a screen shot of’s five day forecast for Norfolk, Virginia, on Sunday evening January 31 2016.  I  posted it on Facebook with the comment, “Do you wonder why Southerners are so bat-shit crazy?”   The fluctuation of temperatures alone–from 60 to 71 to 52 to 72 to 52 and, […]

There’s something in the way he smiles. . .

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A Smile a Minute: Joel Osteen Posted onJanuary 6, 2015 AuthorDean Robertson Just as the year turned, my friend and student from nearly thirty years ago, Thomas Clay Jr., invited me to write short pieces for his blog on Facebook, American News X.  I was in the process of submitting the manuscript of Looking for […]

Charleston and Roanoke: “We have met the enemy”

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  And into my mind, from a very long time ago, arrived a memory of a now-famous Pogo cartoon in which the possum says, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” This week I received an email from a good friend, commenting on the shooting of two reporters in Roanoke, Virginia.  It contained […]

A World Ago: Dreams

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I drafted this post for a guest blogger spot on a lovely website. My “assignment” read “So far when I’ve had guest blogs on my site, I’ve had people write about their dreams, how they almost missed them, what it’s finally like to achieve them–Any angle you want to take on that would be […]