“We still won’t do jack shit. That’s us” Jon Stewart 2015

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“477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress.” BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD OCT. 2, 2017 “June 12 2016 A gunman opens fire in an Orlando nightclub, leaving 49 dead and many wounded. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history – until Sunday.”  This lead editorial in The New York Times consists […]

A Bishop, A Bottle, A Bicycle: Old News Remembered

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There are situations and people and events that are never really out-of-date, never completely “old news,” because they touch us in some deep way that transcends time and place and particulars.  There are situations that continue to move us because they are never fully settled, because the moral questions they raise have only ambiguous answers, […]

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty . . .”

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Joseph Raffael (Haiku Fish, Color Lithograph) The lithograph, “Haiku Fish,” featured on this blog hangs now in my son’s home. It was a gift to me, many years ago, from the artist. It is Friday the 3rd of February 2017, just past 1:00, and I am home from some time with good friends, looking at […]

The Morning After: A Story of Love and Sorrow and Hope

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            Thursday 19 January 2017 In one of my now fairly infrequent romps through Facebook, I saw this photograph of our president.  It now looks out at me from my computer’s desktop.  It is an image that fills me with both joy and deep sadness.  It is an image whose […]


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Today the editorial board of the New York Times published an article called, “Take a Bad Year and Make it Better.”  It’s a long piece and it includes an impressive discussion of some very good things that happened in 2016. The one I liked the best was this. “West Virginia . . .  a state […]

Richard Rossi Is Making a Movie. “Canaan Land”: A Preview

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Richard Rossi is making a movie. Richard Rossi is an evangelical preacher and faith healer. Richard Rossi is making a movie about evangelical preaching and faith healing as a con. Richard Rossi believes in faith healing and is a fine preacher. Richard Rossi is a stand-up comic and one of his routines is a parody […]

Portraits ++ Richard Rossi Live

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In 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Richard Rossi started his radio show, “Richard Rossi Live,” where he quickly caused a stir by accusing many evangelical churches of being “‘whores’ who sold the Gospel of Christ for money and popularity” (Pittsburgh Press).  Raised a Roman Catholic, Rossi became “an active Christian” through the charismatic movement and in […]

A Governor; A Preacher; A Serpent; The Bible; The Supreme Court

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  Oh Good Grief!  The Serpent didn’t seduce Eve and Eve didn’t seduce Adam. And that’s for starters. If you’re going to wave that Bible in our faces, at least make some effort to read the thing. We all learned that seduction story in Sunday School.  Now that we’re grown-ups, let’s just take The Big […]