Caleb and Carter’s 5th Annual Boo Bash: A Bumblebee and a Ladybug

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The Very First Halloween Party October 2012 Five years ago, in October of 2012, Caleb and Carter Guerrero hosted their first Halloween Party.  Caleb had just celebrated his seventh birthday.  His brother, Carter, was three.  Attending were seven of Caleb’s classmates, Carter, their cousin, Malena Toulou, who was nine, and two of her friends. It […]

Three Weeks With Wilson. Memories of Felines Past and Present.

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  My neighbor, Dan, who lives just across the hall in this old co-op building, left last Wednesday to spend three weeks with his mother in Cape Town on the coast of South Africa.  Susan works for part of the year at the University of Cape Town on a global rheumatic heart disease eradication project, […]

Always a Beginner: Writing and Life and Death

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When I lived in Michigan, I had four llamas.  One of them, a beautiful young gold and white one-year-old, died, and I watched one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.  For a full day, the remaining three llamas walked, in a tight group, around and around their fenced acre, humming for their lost […]

Mothers “In the pupils of my eyes. . .”

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“Dear auntie will come with puja-presents and will ask, ‘Where is our baby, sister?’ Mother, you will tell her softly,  ‘He is in the pupils of my eyes, he is in my [bones] and in my soul.’” (Tagore. “The End”) I don’t remember at all when or where I read this line, written by the […]

Stories: Once upon a time. . .

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“. . . red-faced with the pure, foolish joy of the whole thing.” Last year, on the twenty-third of April, my first and almost certainly only grandchild was born.  Sometime in June or July I started telling him this story.  I have told it to him, adding a bit at each telling, every time we […]

Hallelujah: An Easter Meditation

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On this Easter morning that marks in many ways for many people the belief that out of death comes life; out of suffering, joy; out of despair, hope–or just out of the frozen earth of winter, the mud and flowers of spring– I found myself without a single idea for a Sunday blog. My plan, […]

Did you get those little candy hearts for Valentine’s Day?

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    The Ghost of Valentine’s Days Past In 1951 my family moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Cedartown—population 10,000—sixty miles northwest, and I entered the second grade in a new school.  Of the many agonies of that move, one in particular–one that recurred once a year for what seemed many years, was the long, long […]

“The Journey Is Our Home”

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    This blog was first published on January 6 2016 at stevewiegenstein.   I have recently read, considered, and finally expanded it, not quite satisfied that it developed fully what I wanted to say.  I have searched for Home all my life.  It is an important subject for me.         A few […]