Submissions. Stories and Essays

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Yes. There are competitions for short stories and essays– in case you’ve written any short stories or essays.  An essay is a blog by another name, and you’re reading one right now. With some rewriting of blogs, you can produce a piece of  short non-fiction, aka, an essay, and submit it all over the place. […]

Submissions. The Novel

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Having overcome my near paralyzing anxiety about submitting my novel to two contests, I submitted it to three, one of which I had deleted from my list two months ago because I thought their attitude was, well, snotty. Maybe snooty. All the text on their site was a flashback to the very worst days of […]

What you do is you write the Author’s Note, read up on the details of the contests, then ask your friend, Alison, to read the manuscript. After that, you won’t have to worry about what to do because Alison will suggest one or two additional chapters you could write. Then you write them, insert them where she suggested–in the middle of your manuscript and then you can kill some time renumbering all the chapters after the new ones.

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As a kind of footnote to last month’s blog about titles, I have–yes, I really have–changed the title for what I hope will be the final time.  To recap: My Name is Emily Cade Ainsworth was followed by The Bustle in a House, and then by The Queens, any one of which is a perfectly adequate title. […]

What do you do when there’s nothing left but the Author’s Note and a couple of contests you’re afraid to enter and you didn’t expect to be here for another six months?

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My first instinct is that I am not, in fact, really “here,” by which I mean that I am only fooling myself that what I’ve written is anything even close to a completed manuscript, that actually I’ve been delusional all along as I’ve published–with a publisher and by myself–these 250-300 page books and told myself […]