Two Smart Women Discuss Writing–#2: Chapters Eight through Thirty-Eight, In Which They Finish a Novel and Eeyore Thinks Things Over

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By Dean Robertson 11 March 2017: The first emails begin.  Three months ago. 7 April 2017: The first blog. We have written seven chapters.  Two months ago. 8 April-1 June: We write thirty-one more chapters, edit, re-edit, and fight over the entire thirty-eight.  We abandon the project many times. We finish the novel. 13 June 2017: We publish the novel. […]

Charlotte Bowyer Writer “His Frozen Fingertips”

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 Arnoia, Spain, where the author edited her novel. On her website–—Charlotte Bowyer quotes Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda, ‘And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, Cannot be killed or swept aside.’ Miranda read his sonnet, from which these lines are taken, as he accepted the first of […]

Book Review~~Do Wooden Flutes Sound Different? Penny Noyce’s New Novel, THE BEECHWOOD FLUTE

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        In her blog post of 5 February 2017–“Do Wooden Flutes Sound Different?”—Penny Noyce writes, “Three flutes, three sections to the book: that’s the organizing principle behind my young adult fantasy, THE BEECHWOOD FLUTE. Kiran, the flute boy who wants to become a warrior to avenge his father’s death, first plays a […]